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Skeletal structure doesn’t change if horomones are started after puberty is finished (early-twenties) but bone density does decrease. Structural differences will help or hinder trans-women depending on the sport, but those same structural differences are often present in cis-women at the top of their sport. Does it matter if someone in the WNBA is tall because they went through male puberty or because they are genetically predisposed to be tall? And do you honestly believe that male athletes will go accept the expense, pain, stigma, hormonal disadvantage, and pay cut (female athletes make less than their male counterparts) of transition, just so that they might have the slight advantage of being taller than average for their gender?

What’s most interesting is that constantly, between you and Leah, AND people that come tell their stories on the show; they often talk about their friends in Scientology and that there are plenty of good people in Scientology. I’m not sure how that’s spreading ‘hate’, but then again all of their excuses are them accusing people of doing what THEY do. Abuse, hate, exploitation, etc. Just like the old adage ‘you’re as sick as your secrets’, someone needs to tell ‘Scientology’ that the truth will set them free. But then again they won’t be a multi million/billion dollar empire of they do so.

Brian ortega steroids

brian ortega steroids


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