Icecreamfitness steroids

The healthy balanced diet continues, I’m now 12 stone 5lbs, my upper body ‘tone’ is as good as it was 25 years ago when I was still playing squash and football regularly. Off on holiday next week wearing 34″ waist shorts and Medium T Shirts instead of squeezing into XL shorts and XXL shirts. Healthy diet & Body Pump has done it for me. The diet slimmed me down and BP has shaped me. I love the music & the class setting. In the gym I do a bit of this and that, concentrating on nothing in particular. Body Pump gives you a directed workout on all the major muscle groups in 1 hour, period. It’s up to you to use your brain and go online and check out the details. You have to use weights that challenge but don’t potentially injure you…….and FORM is crucial. If your instructor is on the ball they will contstantly point this out, that’s what they are cetificated to do. Women tend to go too low on weights, men too high. Instructors are not there to wet nurse you unless you’re paying personal trainer fees, you have to do some thinking for yourself if you want results and 10,000 gyms worldwide (allegedly) can’t all be wrong.

For a lot of people of this site, it doesn't matter, they're intelligent enough to have realistic expectations of themselves and any products and programs used to reach their goals. Though there is an aspect to the fitness industry which enjoys a clear distinction between "nattys" and the morally dubious users of steroids. Programs, products, fitness and nutritional/supplement advice promoted to the audience is based on ideals of naturally achievable results - validated with a bodybuilder or athlete with a test proving they've never had a needle in their ass.

Icecreamfitness steroids

icecreamfitness steroids


icecreamfitness steroidsicecreamfitness steroidsicecreamfitness steroids