Igf-1 and steroids

As briefly mentioned, IGF-1 will bring about similar effects to that of Growth Hormone. The administration of Growth Hormone does indeed induce the creation of IGF-1 in the body, therefore underpinning the cause of the similarities. Due to IGF-1 structural likeness to insulin it should be of little surprise that IGF-1 also usually results in a low blood sugar state, acting in a similar fashion to insulin. Experimenting with any performance enhancing drug can be hazardous, but the use of IGF-1 and/or insulin can result in very serious health implications, even death. We do not recommend you take insulin, and this article is mealy for information purposes.

True, and I've acknowledged that. Trust me when I say that this is all still a rather simplistic explanation and I've tried to retain as much of the science while trying to make it digestible. How I've organized these is in a much more approachable way than primary literature as well. I think anything less would be an oversimplification so I encourage anyone who wants a little more clarification to ask. I also encourage people to look into specific things they don't fully understand and use their curiosity as a catalyst for their education. We already get much of the simplistic "x does y" talk in this sub, this is to serve as a means of understanding why X does y.

Igf-1 and steroids

igf-1 and steroids


igf-1 and steroidsigf-1 and steroidsigf-1 and steroidsigf-1 and steroidsigf-1 and steroids