L5 nerve root steroid injection

I have suffered for years with lower back pain after fracturing my coccyx at 16. At 35, my L3 ruptured. At that point my only option was surgery and expected with my health and age to be back to my life in a few months. A year later, the top of the fusion still hadn’t healed. I was given permanent disability status. After a second surgery to clean up and refuse the top, I finally healed two years later after my son was born. I went back to trial work and slowly noticed my pain coming back. Right before my wedding I was told I had a new herniated disc of L5, S1. A year later it ruptured and after a lengthy discussion with my doctor, it was decided to fuse from L3 to S1. I still have a lot of localized pain but no radiating pain around my abdomen, none down my legs, etc. After a year of still being pain and taking a short acting narcotic, my family physician recommended a pain clinic. I am on a pill form nerve blocker (my leg pain came back and my ortho saw that some of the bone growth was invading the nerve canal but felt if the nerve blocker controlled it, it would save me another surgery), was on Fetanyl patch, Hydrocodone, Meloxicam (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory), Flexeril for muscle spasms. I was able to get away from the Meloxicam as it did nothing. I had to give up the patch when my husband lost his job and with it our insurance. But it was good because the nerve blocker worked and I got down to twice a day Hydrocodone. But I hated it. I recently switched to a non-narcotic Ultram which works longer with the nerve blocker. Last week I had a lot of boxes to move and unpack since we moved from NY to FL. Saturday I had such bad sciatica I stumbled around. Now it is a constant throbbing pain in my upper top thigh and lower calf of my right leg and top of my right foot. Sometimes stabbing pain running down my butt cheek and down the back of my leg. It is unbearable and constant. Just tonight I noticed some of the same pain in my upper top thigh on my left leg. I don’t know what is suddenly happening but something has changed for the worst again and I am tired of drugs and surgeries.

It is important to keep in mind that these treatments do not always provide permanent relief, and, short of surgery, there is no cure for a pinched nerve. In cases where pain has become chronic or where damage is permanent, surgery may be recommended. Laser Spine Institute can perform pinched nerve surgery using advanced, minimally invasive techniques that come with far fewer side effects and a higher rate of success than traditional open back surgery. Our procedures are performed in an outpatient setting, so the risk of complications and your pinched nerve recovery time is drastically reduced.

L5 nerve root steroid injection

l5 nerve root steroid injection


l5 nerve root steroid injectionl5 nerve root steroid injectionl5 nerve root steroid injectionl5 nerve root steroid injectionl5 nerve root steroid injection