Obama is like bush on steroids

Sure. Obama has done over 1,000 commutations, which is commendable even considering the vast numbers still awaiting action. He has also issued some very unusual grants, commuting sentences to lesser terms, sometimes leaving prisoners with many years to serve before their release. This seems to reflect the fact that the pardon office is now relying heavily on the . attorneys to process the overwhelming caseload, which results in an unfortunate degree of disparity from district to district across the country. The whole idea of staffing pardons centrally was to create a national standard for the president’s grants. I believe there were alternative ways of managing the initiative that, had they been implemented early on, could have resulted in addressing many more cases more efficiently and fairly. I am thinking of the Ford Clemency Commission model, which was recommended and rejected when the initiative began three years ago.

And then there’s the work with military personnel, military families and veterans that Obama did as first lady through her Joining Forces initiative with Dr. Jill Biden, wife of the former vice president. That’s right up Bush’s alley. He has dedicated most of his post-presidency to the cause of wounded warriors—ensuring through wellness and employment programs at the George W. Bush Presidential Center that those wounded in war get the health and career assistance they need to make a full and successful transition to civilian life.

Obama is like bush on steroids

obama is like bush on steroids


obama is like bush on steroidsobama is like bush on steroidsobama is like bush on steroidsobama is like bush on steroidsobama is like bush on steroids