Ogus steroids

aka Knee Wrap Nate aka Insect Nate aka Transsexual Nate aka Milkflake Nate aka Cookie Cutter Nate. A fan with a small YouTube fitness channel who came down to collaborate with Jason. He liked the atmosphere of World Gym so much that he decided to stay. Recently started sporting a "I just got out of prison" beard. He admits that he used to be addicted to meth and it seems to have fried his brain a bit, but he's cleaned up his life now. Lenny makes fun of him for wearing knee wraps, implying that he wouldn't be able to squat nearly as much weight without them. Nate protests with: "They're not knee wraps, they're knee SLEEVES! There's a big difference!" Lenny commented that Nate's knee wraps looked like pantyhose, giving rise to the nickname "Transsexual Nate." Andrew told Nate not to be offended, because when Lenny breaks someone's balls, it means he actually likes them. This was made abundantly clear one day when Lenny looked Nate up and down while grinning from ear to ear and said that he could make a lot of money as a male prostitute. Nate tried to ignore him, but Lenny continued to follow him around the gym, insisting that rich gay guys would pay a lot of money for someone like him. Lenny's nose started to twitch, which is what happens when he gets aroused. Nate works out at a different gym now.

I’m currently on 50-75grams of fat, 425grams of carbohydrates, and 225grams of protein per day, roughly. I get my foods from generally whatever I feel like. I aim to eat a couple servings of fruits and vegetables per day as well as drink between 2-3 gallons of water. Since I’ve been asked a lot about my contest diet, I will provide some information on it. During my 2011 contest prep season, I began at 50f/200c/225p and over the course of a few months, gradually increased it to 50f/300c/225p, and finally for the last couple weeks before each competition did 50f/250c/225p.

To finish this post, I’ll leave you all with a pseudo-comprehensive list of common natural and synthetic nootropics out on the market today.  Below is by no means a full list.  I encourage the use of and Reddit forums (for general advice) to narrow down your research and learn more about certain ingredients.  Understand that the following ingredients work via different mechanisms and have different biological effects. Some may repair brain cells, others may act on neurotransmitter receptors, and another might be a wakefulness promoting agent.  Please keep in mind that stacking, or taking ingredients in conjunction with another, may have undesirable side effects.  Do proper research before taking any of the following ingredients.  That being said, all of these ingredients are generally safe when taken as suggested.

Ogus steroids

ogus steroids


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