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This is a list of what I’m keeping (for now), I plan to go through my keeps a month from now to see if I really wore what I thought I would.
Work Clothes 16
• 2 White Chef’s Coats
• 2 White Chef’s Aprons
• 2 Chef’s Pants (Black and white hounds tooth)
• 2 Chef’s Black Hats
• 2 White Long Sleeved Blouses for Restaurant Serving
• 1 Black Slacks for Restaurant Serving
• 2 Red Long Sleeved Shirts for my Retail Job
• 1 Kaki Pant for my Retail Job
• 2 Black Aprons for Retail Job
Jackets and Sweaters 6
• Red Wool Sweater
• Gray Zip Up
• Pink Zip Up
• Purple Long Sleeved Sweater
• Grey Exercise Sweater
• Blue Wrap
Shirts and Blouses 8
• Green Buttoned Blouse
• White Short sleeved Blouse
• Blue V-neck Blouse
• Long Sleeved Purple Shirt
• Long Sleeved Blue Shirt (Can’t find right now)
• Sentimental Edward Scissor hands T-shirt (Stained)
• White Graphic T-shirt
• Black Plain V-neck shirt
PJ’s 4
• Long Sleeved Purple Shirt
• Plaid Pants
• Black Leggings
• Christmas Themed Pants
Out of Season/Summer Clothes 3
• 2 Pairs of Jean Shorts (One cut offs)
• Sleeping Boxers
Extra 3
• Purple Beanie
• Pair of Gloves
• Various Scarves that I share with my mom, so didn’t count as I can’t get rid of any.

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