Steroid shot in shoulder painful

I got the flu shot weeks ago. It hurt a bit going in and then after a few days I didn’t think about it. A couple times at night it aches a little bit if I slept on that side, but I really didn’t think about it too much and just figured it was normal healing. Just yesterday it started to ache during the day, so much so that I felt a little bit faint and nauseated. A bruise has now appeared and I thought it looked a bit high for a flu shot. I became worried about whether it could be infected and that is when I started researching and found this website. (Thank you for having a forum like this available.). I will report my flu shot reaction to the CDC, and will start a record of how my arm feels each day. Hopefully with light exercise and light massaging to the area my arm will begin to heal.

This is exactly what happened to me. I had perfectly healthy 18 year old cartilage in my 50s. I went to my orthopedic doctor for a patellar tracking problem in both knees that could be corrected with simple exercise. But in the meantime my doctor gave me many cortisone injections. 2 years later I was bone on bone. I was and am still absolutely horrified as I have no knee damage history. I became a cripple overnight. I pursued legal action against the drug company who makes the cortisone but it couldn’t be proven unfortunately. Regenexx has helped tremendously to get my life back! I am back to hiking 3 days a week. Thank you Regenexx. You are a God send!!

I have supraspinatus tendonosis and am told biceps tendon and bursa implicated as well. For years I have slept on my stomach hugging one pillow in each arm and angling my head down. Now, with this injury I try to sleep on my back but can’t. I assume that it is bad to sleep on my stomach with my arms up, but honestly, its more comfortable than on my “good” side which hurts my ‘bad’ shoulder – guess I need a pillow under that arm. And oddly, snuggling up on my ‘bad’ side, with shoulder against the underneath-pillow, isn’t bad at all.

Steroid shot in shoulder painful

steroid shot in shoulder painful


steroid shot in shoulder painfulsteroid shot in shoulder painfulsteroid shot in shoulder painfulsteroid shot in shoulder painfulsteroid shot in shoulder painful