Steroids the dangers

You aren’t seeing any results with your workouts, so why continue? What’s your goal? If it’s to lose weight then cut back on the workouts, do the diet and lose all your weight, then go back to your old workouts on maintenance and after the diet. Don’t keep doing what’s not working. I guarantee you are working out too much and not eating enough, putting you into starvation mode. Don’t over think the diet. Just do it as directed and get the results you deserve. Only changes should be made if you HAVE to workout, like for work. Sorry to be so blunt, but I can tell you are frustrated and I want you to get good results.

Psychological side-effects (in both guys and girls)
Anabolic steroids have prominent effect on the mental aspect of humans as well. For instance, they breed insomnia in people, affecting them with varied sleeping disorders. They make them rash and testy, with abstract mood swings and aggressive traits. They may even cause hallucinations or mania in people, when taken in high and regular dosage. They also catalyze depressive tendencies, by minimizing or distorting scope for growth. Females, for instance, feel odd when they voice become manly and lose the delicate tone.

Many people are fascinated about steroids because of their ability to build up the body. Whether taken by injection or by pill, steroids increase strength and endurance. They also help in the healing process of muscular tissue by first injuring them, which in turn causes the muscles to heal quicker by adding more fiber, thus increasing their bulk. Many athletes turn to steroids more often because they're considered rather cheep in comparison to other muscle enhancement drugs. A ten-week cycle of testosterone cypinate and methandrostone costs only $100. Steroids are also very hard to trace because of their water base composition. They can pass through the body within two days. The benefit of steroids helps athletes become more competitive, and increases their chance of being a winner. Of course everybody wants better biceps and triceps but when using steroids to achieve this goal there is a large price to pay.

Steroids the dangers

steroids the dangers


steroids the dangerssteroids the dangerssteroids the dangerssteroids the dangerssteroids the dangers