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The majority of eukaryotic genes are stored on a set of large, linear chromosomes. The chromosomes are packed within the nucleus in complex with storage proteins called histones to form a unit called a nucleosome . DNA packaged and condensed in this way is called chromatin . [25] : The manner in which DNA is stored on the histones, as well as chemical modifications of the histone itself, regulate whether a particular region of DNA is accessible for gene expression . In addition to genes, eukaryotic chromosomes contain sequences involved in ensuring that the DNA is copied without degradation of end regions and sorted into daughter cells during cell division: replication origins , telomeres and the centromere . [25] : Replication origins are the sequence regions where DNA replication is initiated to make two copies of the chromosome. Telomeres are long stretches of repetitive sequence that cap the ends of the linear chromosomes and prevent degradation of coding and regulatory regions during DNA replication . The length of the telomeres decreases each time the genome is replicated and has been implicated in the aging process. [28] The centromere is required for binding spindle fibres to separate sister chromatids into daughter cells during cell division . [25] :

Undetectable designer steroids

undetectable designer steroids


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